Oct 31, 2011

Kid CuDi - Maniac (Short Film)

Happy Halloween to ya'll. The short film is directed by Shia Labeouf.

A$AP Rocky - LiveLoveA$AP


I have never ever ever heard of this guy, but I keep seeing his name all over Facebook, Twitter and school. I'm go ahead and introduce myself to this A$AP's music by pressing play on this tap. 

Theo Martins - JAM

This is actually the first I have ever heard from this guy. I thought it was pretty dope. Thoughts?
JAM by Theo Martins

Omari Shakir - Different

The newest member to Drake's and The Weeknd's OVOXO.

Download: Omari Shakir-Different

Pusha T - Peso Freestyle

WHO IS A$AP ROCKY?!?! I guess the mixtape that dropped from him will answer that.

Download: Pusha T-Peso Freestyle

Slim The Mobster - Dreaming

This is something I could bump. Most def.

Slim The Mobster-Dreaming

L.E.P. Bogus Boys - Now or Neva (Mixtape)

Never actually listened to this group until now. The tape is dope. Go ahead and click the jump to get the tracklist and download link. I also provided you a song that features Lupe Fiasco to give you a taste on how this mixtape sounds.

Zombie Land feat. Lupe Fiasco

Trey Songz - Sex Soundz x Boop!!

Trey's R&B mixtape, Anticipation II drops tomorrow along with his rap mixtape, Lemmmeholdatbeat II. More than likely I will be listening to the R&B one.

Download: Trey Songz-Boop

Download: Trey Songz-Sex Soundz

Drake - Take Care (Tracklist)

1. Over My Dead Body
2. Shot For Me
3. Headlines
4. Crew Love f. The Weeknd
5. Take Care f. Rihanna
6. Marvin’s Room/Buried Alive (Interlude)
7. Under Ground Kings
8. We’ll Be Fine
9. Make Me Proud f. Nicki Minaj
10. Lord Knows f. Rick Ross
11. Cameras/Good Ones Go (Interlude)
12. Doing It Wrong
13. The Real Her f. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000
14. HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin Right) f. Lil Wayne
15. Look What You’ve Done
16. Practice
Bonus Track
18. Hate Sleeping Alone
19. Untitled f. Lil Wayne

Son. That "Hate Sleeping Alone" track is all types of feminine. I guess we'll see how this is going to play out. November 15th is the date.

Childish Gambino - Bonfire

Camp is dropping November 15th.

Freddie Gibbs - Cold Day In Hell (Mixtape)

Finally, we get the Gangsta Gibbs mixtape Cold Day In Hell. Tracklist and download link after the jump. 

Oct 30, 2011

Kendrick Lamar - Live In Florida (Video)

El Paso. We need Kendrick to do a show there. For real.

Sunday Mints (Original Beats)

Sunday is here again which means we have some instrumentals for ya'll to listen to. Just some news, I took my first take on recording my verse for tomorrow. It's coming out dope soooooo as I promised at the beginning of the month, you will get my first rapping track on October 31st. Everyone will be able to make fun of me. Anyways, the first beat we have is called "Contemplations" and the next is called "Paranoia". Enjoy and also go ahead and visit the producer of these beats, Mint Condition,aka Jon, on his Facebook page. Peace.



Oct 29, 2011

Brand (K)new Submissions: Sketch - Music N' Mischief (Mixtape)

More submissions to the site. This is a dude from Southern Cali but actually stayed in Miami for school for quite some time...you know what? eff it. Allow Sketch to introduce himself.

"Born Cameron Dante Dixon on august 14th 1985, Sketchthekid is an aspiring Chef and Hip Hop artist. The west coast native was born and raised in soutern California, residing mostly in the city of Escondido. Post high school Sketch studied Culinary arts at Johnson and wales University in Miami, Fl, graduating with a bachelors degree. While growing up Sketch was exposed to many styles of music from smooth jazz and oldies to the everchaging rock and hip hop genres. Taking up poetry as a personal hobby Sketch began to play with words his sophmore year in high school along with his steadily increasing love for drawing and other art, thus coining his nickname early freshman year in college. After graduating college and spending some time in Alaska, Sketch returned to Miami to work at Gotham Steak in the illustrious Fontainebleau Resort. It was at this time he also combined his hobby of poetry with music and imagination, self-releasing a string of mixtapes entitled “Blank Canvas”."

Unfortunately, I don't have a song to give out to you. But if you're interested, and i'm sure you will be, here's the download link for his mixtape Music N' Mischief. And can also check out his Reverbnation profile by clicking here.

Logic - Young Sinatra (Mixtape)


This was actually released a couple of weeks ago. It's a pretty dope tape. I was impressed with his music video to "Just Another Day" so maybe you guys will enjoy the mixtape as well. Click here to download.

G-Eazy - The Coolest Job

I like G-Eazy's music and the way he uses samples to make unique tracks. I'm gonna put it this way. Any one can grab a sample, put a different drum pattern to it, and boom! call it a day. But to get your point across and tell a story on track with a sample, that's where G-Eazy excels and he definitely showcases that in this cut. With this song, he grabs Mary Poppins "Chim Chim Cheree". Enjoy.

G-Eazy - The Coolest Job

YP - Insane (Featuring Rockie Fresh)

I'm like a day and a half late on this, but I don't care. Any new Rockie Fresh joint is dope to me.

Download: YP Ft Rockie Fresh - Insane

Oct 28, 2011

Freddie Gibbs - Cold Day In Hell (Tracklist)

Cold Day In Hell drops this coming Monday on Halloween. Needless to say, I'm kinda anxious. Hit the jump for the tracklist.

Common - Blue Sky (Music Video)

I cannot wait until The Dreamer, The Believer drops. It's produced entirely by No I.D.

Bun B - The Life

14KT is a Detroit producer who won this contest last year called Red Bull Big Tune Champion. His prize was to choose any artist of his choice to work with. The result? 14 ended up recording a track with Bun B.

Download: Bun B-The Life

Phil Ade - Not Enough

Phil Ade goes over a Dilla produced track called "Won't Do". Dope.

Download: Phil Ade-Not Enough

Oct 27, 2011

ScHoolboy Q - Oxy Music

Some new ScHoolboy is always welcome here at Brandknew.

ScHoolboy Q - Oxy Music [Prod. By THC] by Mixedbyali

Brand (K)new Submissions: BG The Iceberg

So I decided that the submissions I get in my email, brandknewblog@gmail.com, are going to be called "Brand (K)new Submissions". I'll probably switch up the title or something. Anyways, I have one more to give you guys tonight, but first we're going to start off with this guy here BG The Iceberg. 

"BG The Iceberg is a 21 year old rapper & producer hailing from Louisiana. He began rapping at age 13 & started producing a little over a year ago. His lyrical content and originality has helped him build a buzz locally. Set out to prove that the hip-hop scene in Louisiana is more than meets the eye, he is currently working on a new mixtape called Full Focus 2, that is slated to drop soon."



You can view his Reverbnation profile by clicking here and also follow him on Twitter @BGTheIceberg. 

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

Would you look at that, it's not a Hip Hop post. I'm also a day late on this, but you know I can't keep up with EVERYTHING. Anyways, I love The Black Keys so I cannot wait until El Camino comes out in December.

Download: The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

Ro Ransom - Even The Devil May Cry

I've been seeing this dude's name on Twitter a lot lately, but I never actually heard a track from him. Well the Harlem emcee Ro Ransom impressed me with this one and I'm definitely gonna keep checking for his music.

Download: Even The Devil May Cry

Immortal Technique - The Martyr

It seems like forever since we have heard some new Tech music. Here is a brand (k)new project that features the likes of; Cornel West, Chuck D, Styles P, Dead Prez, Joell Ortiz, Brother Ali, Killer Mike, Vinnie Paz, Poison Pen J. Dilla, DJ Green Lantern, Southpaw, Shuko, Slim Fass. Dope? I would agree as well. TOUR INFO and link after you click "read more"

Ryshon Jones - 15

Ryshon Jones once again provides us with some honest true lyrics that is nothing but dopeness.

Ryshon Jones - 15 (Prod. By Sango)

A.Dd+ - Genocide

My favorite Dallas duo dropped a track today that's pretty dope.

Mac Miller - Party On 5th Avenue

Mac Miller just represents a fun, postive kind of guy. Can't hate on that. At least he stays true to himself. He's not going around throwing up B's, talking like he's a boss lord, saying he's catching bodies while crooning on a track. No shots, no shots, no shots.

Oct 26, 2011

Nickelus F - Faces Intro

Faces is coming soon. Until then, if you haven't checked out his 7 Days Collection, I honestly think you should.

Pac Div - Useless (Featuring Asher Roth)

The Div is set to be released on November 8th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS.

Download: Pac Div Ft Asher Roth-Useless

Immortal Technique - Civil War (Featuring Brother Ali, Chuck D & Killer Mike)

S/O to 2dopeboyz for this one. The Martyr is out tomorrow (for free). And I hope everyone in El Paso goes out to the show he's gonna have on November 16th.

Download: Immortal Technique-Civil War (Feat Brother Ali Chuck D Killer Mike).mp3

Mary J. Blige - Mr. Wrong (Featuring Drake)

Off of Mary's, My Life II... The Journey Continues, which is set to be released on November 21st.

Mary J Blige Ft Drake-Mr. Wrong.mp3

Beyonce - Party (Featuring J. Cole)

....ohhhhhhhhh Beyonce.

H.O.P.E. - Fear & Guilt

Any new music from Mr. Wright is dope to me.
"My bad I left some swag at home when I did this. My bad I didn’t name drop nor did I brand drop on this. I apologize for not lying, and for not embellishing and fluffing my verses on this joint. I’m sorry. Forgive me for being completely open and honest on topics I hold very close to me and for taking off my day-to-day filter. I’ll do all those things on my next song". – Hope Wright

Download: HOPE-Fear & Guilt

Lloyd Banks - Make It Stack

Lloyd dropped a new song today via twitter. Download link should soon be avaliable.
UPDATED Download link is now available.

Download: Lloyd Banks-Make It Stack

Childish Gambino - Twitclip Loop

Camp is out November 15th.

Download: Childish Gambino-Twistclip Loop

Julian Malone - October 20th

It's like this dude lives in my thoughts man. Julian is becoming one of my favorite "indie" rappers out there. I thoroughly enjoyed his mixtape Upstate Rebel Rollin'.

Download: Julian Malone-October 20th

brandUn DeShay - Ur Fresh (Music Video)

Tube socks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

brandUn's All Day DeShay is available now.

Freddie Gibbs - Let Em Burn

Some Gangsta Gibbs. Cold Day In Hell is dropping on Halloween.

Freddie Gibbs-Let Em Burn.mp3

The Kid Daytona - God Is Good (Featuring Goapele)

I'm starting to like Kid Daytona more and more with every track he drops.

The Kid Daytona - God Is Good feat. Goapele by LiftedResearchGroup

B.o.B. speaking on "Strange Clouds" (Video)

I'm really excited for Bobby Ray's second album. I'm excited to see how he will succeed and how the album will sound. So far, it seems like its gonna be pretty dope.
"On Monday, Bobby Ray held his first listening session for his upcoming sophomore album Strange Clouds. We were treated to 7 new songs, including his next single “Play The Guitar” which features Andre 3000. There are a few other big guest appearances so far, as the album is not fully complete, in Lil’ Wayne, Big K.R.I.T., Nelly and T.I.. Tip appears on a song entitled Arena. He also worked with One Republic for an amazing track and is said to have quote “the song of 2012 with a mega feature from somebody who never does features with anyone!” That one had my brain going. I’ve been told, even if I guess who it is, I will still doubt myself because it’s just that big! What he has so far for the album is extremely on point. His growth shows, and the energy and passion is at max level. We caught up with him and spoke to him about his creative process on this project as opposed to his first, where he wants to take his music, what his fans can take away from the new album, how the lead single “Strange Clouds” came together with a Dubstep feel, and more. Look for the album March, 2012. Trust me, it’s worth the wait." – Obese

Black Milk & Danny Brown - Black and Brown EP (Sampler)

The EP is out November 1st. Do yourself a favor and cop it when it drops.

Thurz - N!&&as (Music Video)

Off of Thurz's album L.A. Riot which I think is the only album that's close to being the best of the year. I'm still picking Section.80 by Kendrick Lamar.

Oct 25, 2011

Ludacris - I'm On Fire (Featuring Big K.R.I.T.)

Luda has a mixtape comin out on the 15th of Novemeber. That album cover tho :/

Ludacris-I'm On Fire Featuring Big KRIT.mp3

Wale - Slight Work (Featuring Big Sean)

So I guess this is a track that's supposed to be off the "classic" album Ambition. So far, not fitting the bill yo. *Shrugs*. Oh and by the way, Bait > This track.

Wale-Slight Work feat Big Sean.mp3

J. Cole - Lost Ones (Music Video)

My favorite track off of Cole World: Sideline Story gets the visual treatment. COLE WORLD!

XV - U.F.C.

Off of XV's dope mixtape Zero Heroes.

Dom Kennedy - When I Come Around (Music Video)

West Coast is the Best Coast.

Freeway - The Intermission (Mixtape)

Some new Freeway. Tracklist and link is there after you press "read more".

Lavell Jones - Ego Trippin

More new music from Mr. Lavell Jones. If you haven't copped the mixtape No More Shenanigans, you should. Like right now yo.


Oct 24, 2011

Rockie Fresh - Doesn't Matter

Off of Rockie's Driving 88 which is supposed to be coming out this winter

Download: Rockie Fresh-Doesnt Matter

Kreateen - Sorry, It's Not The Supplement (Mixtape)

The reason why I started this blog was not to share "popular" music across the social networks. Okay, maybe its fun to keep everyone updated, start discussions and what not, but I got into this for the sole reason of supporting relatively unknown artists. I just want to be another "home" for rappers to achieve their dream. So, if you're an artist, and you're looking to get on the blogs and looking for more outlets, holler at my email brandknewblog@gmail.com. Deal? Coo. Anyways, allow this artist to introduce himself. He's an 18 year old kid from Cali ready to put himself in the Hip Hop scene. A track by Kreateen is on the bottom. If you like what you hear, go ahead and download the mixtape. You can also follow him on twitter @kreeUHteen and his facebook page http://www.facebook.com/kreeateen.

"Kreateen's second mixtape, Sorry, It's Not The Supplement, is now finished! The young 18 year old rapper is finding his niche by reminding us that music is about venting, problems, and all around fun. Just 11 tracks and only a couple features, Kreateen, showcases his unique rhyming skills. Sorry, It's Not The Supplement illustrates Kreateen's vision of Hip-Hop with production ranging from King Boom, to Blue Sky Black Death, to Thelonious Monk. With no catchy hooks - rather no hooks at all - Kreateen invites you into his inner thoughts."

Download: Sorry, It's Not The Supplement (Mixtape)

AlBe Back - Raphael Del Ghetto (Mixtape)

Shouts to 2dopeboyz for being the inspiration of this blog. I look to achieve the same success they have regarding introducing and promoting new artists to every individual. (2)dope.

"We've been warning y’all about this for some time. And now… the time has come for AlBe to bless your iPods with some great music! A marriage of boom bap, spoken word, live instrumentation and classic quotes, Raphael Dela Ghetto (shouts to those that catch the reference) is something I’m very proud to say that I had a part in helping create. Do yourself a favor and hit the  jump for the tracklist, stream and download link."

Sound FX - Stadium Music

More new music from Sound FX! This duo is always consistent with their music and their new album, Sunset LP, coming soon before the year ends. DOPE!.

Download: Sound FX-Stadium Music

Pusha T - What Dreams Are Made Of

Fear of God II: Let Us Pray EP is set to drop November 8th.

Pusha T - What Dreams Are Made Of

Kendrick Lamar - 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

Kendrick Lamar stopped by Sway and Devi Dev's radio show this morning to kick some rhymes over 5 different beats. Pretty Coo. KENDRICK CAN OUT RAP YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER!

Download: Kendrick Lamar-5 Fingers Of Death Freestyle

Maffew Ragazino - Decepts On The L Train

I know most of you might not know this artist, but I thought this track was pretty dope.
Maffew Ragazino - Decepts On The L Train Mix (prod. by ATG) DIRTY by CICORECORDS

The Dream - Ghetto (Music Video)

The second video off the amazing 1977.

Kendrick Lamar - Live in NYC (Video)

Kendrick Lamar Live at Gramercy Theater from BarrelhouseBKLYN on Vimeo.

Must. See. Kendrick Lamar. Live.

Yo, how dope would it be if I could bring Kendrick Lamar to El Paso, Texas because of my success of this blog. Let's make it happen people. Show your support and spread the word about this blog.

Nickelus F - Balconies

7 and last day of Nickelus's 7 Day Series. If you enjoyed this series as much as I did, be on the look for his album Faces which is set to drop November 8th.

Download: Nickelus F-Balconie.mp3

Previous: Day 2 & 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6

Song of the Day: Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girls

This dude had so much promise. If you wanna know the back story behind Charles Hamilton, here it is. Started out with a good mixtape and then got on the cover of the BEST XXL FRESHMEN LIST in 09'. Due to the fact he wasn't really pushing anything out, Interscope dropped him from the label before he had the chance to release his first album. He ended up selling it for free. THEN the dude got punched by his own ex girlfriend in a rap battle gone bad. AND THEN! the dude checked himself into the mental hospital. As soon as the dude got out, homeboy fought a cop. Seriously, you can't make this up. Let's all have a moment of silence and listen to what could've been a dope career.

Oct 23, 2011

Common - Let's Move (Produced dsteele)

Seems like it this is a unreleased track by Common. But this video to the song is extremely dope.

Drake On The Weeknd's Contribution to Take Care

Get More: Music News

There's a good thing and a bad thing about this statement. First off, The Weeknd is an amazing artist. Very unique, very fresh, so I'm intrigued by this collaboration because whenever these two get's together, it's some dope legit music. The bad thing about this statement. Drake basically said that The Weeknd possibly wrote a quarter to a half of his album. Four songs man? FOUR SONGS?! What is this? Watch the Throne?! I'm just saying, he pretty much said that The Weeknd is ghostwriting for him. Whatever. I'll see what's up on November 15th when Take Care drops.

Sunday Mints (original beats)

It's SUNDAY, which means laziness, football, and of course SOME BANGIN INSTRUMENTALS BY HOMIE JON!! WHOO. Oh and in case you guys are wondering, I am going to drop my first rapping track on October 31st, as a thank you for helping me receive 100 "likes" on my facebook page. The support is amazing. Anyways, we got two tracks from my man Jon. First one is called "Reality" and the next one is called "Honesty". I thoroughly enjoyed both of em, but if you asked me my favorite...it'd have to be "Honesty". You tell me yours though. Leave your comments about how dope the track is orrrrrrr tell us that it sucks and we need to stop.

If you're an aspiring artist and you're a fan of these beats, hit up my homie Jon's facebook page. He goes by Mint Condition. For real man, he's open for anyone who's willing to use his instrumentals.

Joe Budden - Why Would I

People been waiting for this one. This is Joe Budden's first release since "Ordinary Love Shit pt. 3."

Download: Why Would I

Nickelus F - Thighs

Day 6 of Nick's 7 Day Series.

Download: Nickelus F-Thighs

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