Oct 23, 2011

Sunday Mints (original beats)

It's SUNDAY, which means laziness, football, and of course SOME BANGIN INSTRUMENTALS BY HOMIE JON!! WHOO. Oh and in case you guys are wondering, I am going to drop my first rapping track on October 31st, as a thank you for helping me receive 100 "likes" on my facebook page. The support is amazing. Anyways, we got two tracks from my man Jon. First one is called "Reality" and the next one is called "Honesty". I thoroughly enjoyed both of em, but if you asked me my favorite...it'd have to be "Honesty". You tell me yours though. Leave your comments about how dope the track is orrrrrrr tell us that it sucks and we need to stop.

If you're an aspiring artist and you're a fan of these beats, hit up my homie Jon's facebook page. He goes by Mint Condition. For real man, he's open for anyone who's willing to use his instrumentals.


  1. Really enjoyed "Reality." It develops steadily but persistently like its trying to get its point heard no matter what. And its got a great rhythm and beat as a backbone that just gets your head bumpin' and doesn't stop. Like the use of the "Maps" sample. Great potential for an actual song on that one.

    "Honesty" sounds like its saying, "I am honestly sad," or "I am honestly feeling lonely," or "I am honestly just lost right now... (maybe in thought)." It has something in its snares/claps etc that sounds a bit retro. It gets a bit repetitive and uninspiring after a while. Needs something different. Much better production on "Reality" though.

  2. I really like them both. Parts of "Reality" feel really old school and i like that a lot. "Honesty" is very chill and I love that. I can just imagine Drake singing a hook for it ;).
    p.s. can't wait to criticize your rapping, Jess. jk jk I'm sure it'll be great.

  3. i really liked them BOTH!!! you can like bump "Reality" and chill out to "Honesty"... they are really good ((:

  4. I just want to thank everyone for their feedback. It is greatly appreciated! And if you're reading this and haven't posted, I would love your feedback!

  5. dig the bass in reality, like before, awesome use of the Maps sample, it adds a nice touch to the piece. i found myself noddin to that one, nice work.