Oct 27, 2011

Brand (K)new Submissions: BG The Iceberg

So I decided that the submissions I get in my email, brandknewblog@gmail.com, are going to be called "Brand (K)new Submissions". I'll probably switch up the title or something. Anyways, I have one more to give you guys tonight, but first we're going to start off with this guy here BG The Iceberg. 

"BG The Iceberg is a 21 year old rapper & producer hailing from Louisiana. He began rapping at age 13 & started producing a little over a year ago. His lyrical content and originality has helped him build a buzz locally. Set out to prove that the hip-hop scene in Louisiana is more than meets the eye, he is currently working on a new mixtape called Full Focus 2, that is slated to drop soon."



You can view his Reverbnation profile by clicking here and also follow him on Twitter @BGTheIceberg. 

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