Oct 30, 2011

Sunday Mints (Original Beats)

Sunday is here again which means we have some instrumentals for ya'll to listen to. Just some news, I took my first take on recording my verse for tomorrow. It's coming out dope soooooo as I promised at the beginning of the month, you will get my first rapping track on October 31st. Everyone will be able to make fun of me. Anyways, the first beat we have is called "Contemplations" and the next is called "Paranoia". Enjoy and also go ahead and visit the producer of these beats, Mint Condition,aka Jon, on his Facebook page. Peace.




  1. Contemplations is tha best beats you got rite now but thats just me talking

  2. I reaaallly liked them both :D Very good beats. I like how smooth Paranoia sounds!