Nov 6, 2011

Sunday Mints (Original Beats)

Before the week begins, here is your weekly dose of Sunday Mints. Just a quick recap, I did the whole "100 likes" track for my Facebook page (you should definitely go ahead and click that link. It would make me happy). So if you already heard it, then coo. And if not, well...tough luck. I'm not going to put that out again. Anyways, we have two beats made by my home boy Jon. The first one is "Good Times" the next is "The Feeling". My favorite for today is "The Feeling". Don't forget to "like" his page for instrumentals, especially if you're an upcoming rapper looking for a producer. Alright peace and I hope your week will be supremely dope.

1 comment:

  1. I really like the WInnie Coooper beat!(: