Nov 6, 2011

Best Of: October 31st - November 5th

This is a collection of tracks just in case you missed out on an eventful week of Hip Hop.

L.E.P. Bogus Boys - Zombie Land

Download: L.E.P. Bogus Boys - Zombie Land

Slim The Mobster - Dreaming

Download: Slim the Mobster - Dreaming.

Omari Shakir - Different

Download: Omari Shakir - Different

Pusha T - Peso Freestyle

Download: Pusha T - Peso Freestyle

Lloyd Banks - We F*#kin

Download: Lloyd Banks - We F#@kin

Omen - Numb

Download: Omen - Numb

Lloyd Banks - Love Shots

Download: Lloyd Banks - Love Shots

Drake - The Motto

Download: Drake - The Motto

MF Doom - Retarded Fren

Download: MF Doom - Retarded Fren

T.I. - Headlines (Remix)

Download: T.I. - Headlines (Remix)

Jelani - OK, You're Up

Download: Jelani - OK, You're Up

Amy Winehouse - Like Smoke (Feat. Nas)

Download: Amy Winehouse - Like Smoke

Gerald Walker - Scream

Download: Gerald Walker - Scream

Yelawolf - Hard White (remix)

Download: Yelawolf - Hard White (Remix)

Jhene Aiko - In Love We Trust

Download: Jhene Aiko

Elite - Imagination Day

Elite - Imagination Day

Omen - The Look of Lust

Download: Omen - The Look of Lust

Pusha T - Raid (Featuring 50 Cent & Pharrell)

Download: Pusha T - Raid

Omen - Mama Told Me (Featuring J. Cole)

Download: Omen - Mama Told Me

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