Nov 3, 2011

Song Of The Day: Notorious B.I.G. - The What (Featuring Method Man)

This song has been in my head all day. In my opinion, I think this song can really show you as why Method Man is one of the best. I mean, he didn't have better verses than Biggie. Biggie had the quotes like "b*#ches, I like em brainless/guns I like em stainless steel/i want the f*#kin fortune like the wheel". Or even "Cuz hoes be irritating like the hiccups (hiccup sound)." But I believe the subplot of this whole song is that Meth was the only one who had a guest spot on the classic Ready to Die. AND THEN, shortly afterwards, Method Man was featured on Pac's album All Eyez On Me. That has to count for something right? At the tip of the East Vs. West battle, Method Man (a New York rapper) was featured on two sides of the battle. That's respect. That's why he's in my personal top ten.

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