Nov 4, 2011

My Track for 100 Likes

A little over a month ago I promised people on Facebook that if they "liked" my page for this blog, I will post a track of me rapping. It only took about three weeks for me to cross the century mark. It was a pretty big deal for me. I mean, I barely started this blog, and now I have close to about 200 people and more following everything I post. It's crazy. I just hope I can continue the progression and make a career out of this blogging thing.

Anyways, here's my first attempt at recording myself rapping. For real, I have never ever ever ever ever done this before and even I did, I wouldn't have shown you guys. But since I am a man of my it is. The mic is crappy because I recorded it off of my laptop. I'm not trying to impress anyone with this, being that I'm just beginning. It's all practice right now. you go. 

I was passed through the system based on average grades/I was told i'd go far that's what the average say/i never dealt with any kind of glorious praise/but hopefully through my music it'll come some day/and in some way i'll inspire a crowd of millions/to build a statue of my smile in front of an art buildin/but until then i'ma just keeping pushin my message through/and in my lyrics you might see another version of you/bringing out the deeper ambitions that you're not even used to/i wanna grasp the whole worlds attention/not just the local few/destroy any doubter in my path/that's called makin a killin/rakin in the benefits of my generations misfits/i keep them on list due to my success/...

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